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Apple Q4 results – just above expectations

Last night Apple published financial results for the quarter ending September 28th. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $64 billion, an increase of…
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Microsoft back in the Smart Phone market

Microsoft is re-entering the smartphone market! Yes really. After blowing a few billion dollars on Nokia and attempting to force Windows OS to…
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Leading Bioengineering firm Terraqua rebrand website

Surrey's leading bioengineering firm Terraqua recently acquired a new domain name that more closely aligns with their corporate name. The URL, that…
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iOS13 shipping

Apple has just released iOS 13, the newest version of the software that runs your iPhone. Apple's yearly software updates always bring long…
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New site for leading photographer David Oliver

New website launched for David Oliver - Photographer. David is a London based photographer with a loyal corporate customer base. David came to…
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Strong Customer Authentication – What you need to know

While we try to leave Europe and the pesky law makers in Brussels, we will soon have to adopt the EC’s Second Payment…
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