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Apple Updates Processors and Prices of MacBook Pro Retina Display

Apple bumps MACBook Pro specs and cuts price Apple is making the MacBook Pro with Retina display faster and more affordable with updated…
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New Italian GPS tracking device based on iPhone

Security is often based on knowledge One interesting new device from Italian company called I’m who make a neat smart watch are about…
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Testing broadband speed

We all live by Broadband - How do you know what speed you are getting? Warning - This is a rant: Frustration at…
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Tips on making Outlook rock

Tips for speeding up Microsoft Outlook Takeaway: Does Outlook’s pokey performance have you gnashing your teeth with frustration? Try these simple fixes to…
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Password Protection: Tips on How to Create Strong Passwords

How to protect your on-line presence On a recent transatlantic flight I was reading a copy of Wired Magazine that I picked up in…
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Interesting take on the development of Windows 8 from a UI perspective

We have been playing with Windows 8 since the early beta days of 2012 and wrote a blog post about how confusing it was…
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