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Apple mini event turns out to be a major update and new product launch

The latest Apple event earlier this week was billed as a “little more to show’. In fact the show was anything but a…
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Apple stock hits all time high of $636.34 on no news

Apple stock hits all time high of $636.34 on no news. Since the earnings releases a few weeks ago when the stock dropped…
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Microsoft Windows 8 Review – OMG what have they done to Windows?

Alastair Dodwell – Aug 21st 2012 The beta versions of Windows 8 have been around for some time and now Microsoft has just…
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SCS Install Albury Estate Access Control Gates at Powder Mills

Our Access Control partner SCS install the first Access Control System for the Albury Estate Fisheries at Powder Mills in Chilworth. These Gates will be…
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sum ip mobile payments

Mobile commerce and accepting debit and credit cards on iPads and iPhones

Mobile Commerce Alastair Dodwell August 31st 2012 - Updated Dec 2012. For many mobile traders or companies offering services from a non-fixed location,…
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