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Apple stock at all time high

Expectations for Apple next round of iPhones and related devices are helping to push the world’s most valuable company to new heights. Apple’s…
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Apple set to launch Smart Speaker at WWDC

The Apple timor mill is a buzz with claims of a Smart Speaker with Siri to emerge next week. We have MacRumours: Apple…
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Is Apple prepping a Smart Speaker?

After the huge success of the Amazon Alexa speaker and the more recent Google Home Speaker, where is the  Apple version? Now we…
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Benefits of distributed customer base

Apple Drops Bomb on Imagination Tech Today UK graphics specialist Imagination Technologies disclosed that Apple a large customer of its graphics and multimedia intellectual property --…
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Apple updates iPad line

Apple lowers costs of iPad with new model. Yesterday, March 21, Apple announced a new "low-cost" 9.7-inch iPad. Let's look at it and…
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Apple state that many of the WikiLeaks hacking exploits have been patched.

You may have seen the latest WikiLeaks news that the CIA have been targeting Samsung TVs and other electronics for advancing snooping. It…
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Apple set to distribute $3.1 Billion dividend

Next Thursday the 16th, Apple will pay shareholders a quarterly dividend of $0.57 per share held. To qualify you must be a holder…
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Apple Q1 Earnings to be released today

Q1 results Apple will report Q1 earnings later today when the US market closes. The holiday season is always Apple's most important quarter.…
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Apple UK raise prices on apps as sterling falls

Apple are raising UK App Store prices by 25 percent, bending to the pound’s drop in value following our Brexit vote to leave…
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Irish tell Brussels to take a hike

The Dublin administration said the EU's competition watchdog had interfered with its sovereignty. Ireland is appealing against the order to recoup 13 billion…
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