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Apple wins EU court battle over Irish tax bill of $15 billion

Technology giant Apple (AAPL) has won its court battle with the EU over a disputed €13 billion ($15 billion) tax bill. Apple won a key…
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Contact-tracing apps: NHS say no thanks to Apple and Google’s plan

With traditional public health contact-tracing methods unable to keep up with the pace of the pandemic, the UK government has been working on…
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Apple vs. Qualcomm in court AGAIN

Apple and Qualcomm are engaged in what will likely be a long and epic legal battle. Apple has disputed Qualcomm’s legal right to charge…
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Apple and Samsung hang up the boxing gloves after 7 years of bouts

After seven long years Apple and arch rival Samsung settled their legal wranglings, lawsuits and counter suits. Yes the gloves are off and…
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