Ways to Create a Secure Password in 2019

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We have writen about the importance of good Password management and ways to create strong passwords and importantly how to record, remember and manage passwords.

Like all things web related this could do with an update for 2019. This article on Password Creation caught our eye. It brings real world solutions to the forefront with handy tips and advice.

Over the years, there have been many password tricks that have been invented, such as using a formula or mashing up memorable words. However, hackers are getting wise to our methods and they have invented a whole host of superfast tools to crack our (once secure) password codes. In 2017 the “Verizon Data Breach Report” stated that:

“81% of breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords”

Therefore the importance of never reusing passwords cannot be stressed enough. Reusing passwords creates a serious leak in your data security when online.

You’d be surprised at how many people use easy to crack passwords. Passwords like password or QWERTY  are a hacker’s dream – they can gain access to your accounts within seconds with passwords like these.

Another common mistake is using personal information within passwords. For example, using your name, or family name within your password. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve seen people use their husband, wife, or children’s names and birthdays within their passwords. It doesn’t take a detective nowadays to find this information out within a matter of minutes.

Saving Passwords

Never store your passwords in a place that can be easily accessed (or accessed at all). It’s tempting to write all your passwords down, or even save them under a contact in your phone. But, if you do this, you’re opening your accounts up to be hacked!

According to Sky High Networks, 143 files on Microsoft’s OneDrive contain the phrase ‘password’ within the file name. Shared storage or cloud storage can easily be hacked, so if you upload a spreadsheet or document to the cloud without encrypting it, your passwords can be cracked.

Storing passwords on your computer (without encryption) is one of the worst things you can do. Although there’s lots of software available to stop your computer from being accessed by hackers, it’s hard to be 100% secure. What if you take your laptop to a local cafe and connect to public WiFi? Or you connect to your friend’s network that isn’t secure?

Being vigilant about your password storage, if you’re going to store passwords, is essential. Think about looking into a password manager or ways to encrypt files to ensure that you’re not opening yourself up to be a victim of cyber crime.

Last Pass

Last Pass is a very popular password management solution that offers both a paid and a free service.  LastPass works as a browser extension that you can access easily with one click. It’s our suggested route for paasword management.

Read the full password article at VPGgeeks.com and keep safe on-line.

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