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Ocado signs huge US deal with Kroger Supermarkets. Shares pop 50%

Kroger signs exclusive US deal Ocado. Kroger is also buying a 5% stake in Ocado for £183 million. Kroger is hoping to build…
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homepod open

Apple Reports Earnings After The Close Today

Apple reports fiscal second-quarter earnings after the closing bell today, Tuesday, May 1.  The stock has been under significant pressure over the past…
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siri-smart-speaker possible?

Can we expect Apple’s HomePod to land soon?

Apple planned to ship the HomePod smart speaker in time for the Christmas Holidays. But they missed and rescheduled for 'early 2018'. Reports…
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AI increasing in power with self learning capabilities

DeepMind’s AI became a superhuman chess player in just a few hours. The descendant of DeepMind’s world champion Go program stretches its chess…
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Apple sends press invites for Sept 12 event at new Steve Jobs Theatre for iPhone 8 launch

Earlier today Apple confirmed rumours by sending out invites for a Sept 12 media event. As expected Apple will hold an event on…
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Apple stock at all time high

Expectations for Apple next round of iPhones and related devices are helping to push the world’s most valuable company to new heights. Apple’s…
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Benefits of distributed customer base

Apple Drops Bomb on Imagination Tech Today UK graphics specialist Imagination Technologies disclosed that Apple a large customer of its graphics and multimedia intellectual property --…
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google home

Google set to launch Google Home and Google WiFi in the UK next week

Google set to launch Google Home on April 6th priced at £129 Google originally launched its Home speaker and assistant back in November…
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Apple updates iPad line

Apple lowers costs of iPad with new model. Yesterday, March 21, Apple announced a new "low-cost" 9.7-inch iPad. Let's look at it and…
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Microsoft moves beyond Intel in its Azure cloud with Qualcomm

Microsoft has been running its Windows Server OS on ARM-based processors made by Qualcomm. Microsoft will begin using ARM-based servers in its Azure…
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