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PC Shipments surge, Apple extends market share

Global shipments of desktops, notebooks, and workstations grew 55.2% year-over-year. - claims recent IDC report According to IDC, the growth rate benefitted from…
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Apple at $2T. Compare to FTSE 100

Apple stock has been on a roll ever since the last earning report issued June 27th that clearly showed that Apple products and…
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Apple wins EU court battle over Irish tax bill of $15 billion

Technology giant Apple (AAPL) has won its court battle with the EU over a disputed €13 billion ($15 billion) tax bill. Apple won a key…
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wwdc 20

Apple switches to ARM and ditches Intel inside

As expected at WWDC this week Apple confirmed the transition from Intel to ARM powered MACs.This has been talked about for some time…
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Stockpile Huawei?

Time to look past Huawei into Scandinavia?
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Huawei caught cheating again.

Huawei's latest deceptive phone ads use the same old fake camera trick The cameras in Huawei smartphones are class-leading. Yet, the company was…
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Apple Q4 results – just above expectations

Last night Apple published financial results for the quarter ending September 28th. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $64 billion, an increase of…
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Microsoft back in the Smart Phone market

Microsoft is re-entering the smartphone market! Yes really. After blowing a few billion dollars on Nokia and attempting to force Windows OS to…
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apple today services

Apple moves to new growth with Services and Wearables

Yesterday Apple released last qtr revenues and managed to grow revenues compared to the prioe year reversing year on year contraction. Wall Street…
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Shock as Apple climbs down with Qualcomm lawsuit

As we penned only a few days ago Apple and Qualcomm's legal battle headed to court on Monday in sunny San Diego and…
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