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Apple adds new Music Reording App – Music Memos

Apple iPhones users embraced Voice Memos as a simple way to capture any sounds. But it is a simple app. For musicians the…
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taybridge watch collection

Swiss watch exports decline following Apple Watch launch

More evidence that Apple are eating the Swiss watchmakers lunch, as October shipments of mechanical watches declined 12 % the largest decline in 6 years.…
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Apple iPad Pro

First review of iPad Pro

The new Apple iPad Pro started shipping today - Nov 11th. We have yet to see one but there are a number of…
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iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s ships

Today Apple starts shipping the iPhone 6S and 6S plus or is it 6plus S. What's inside? We know a lot about what it…
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List on Apple Maps

Apple Maps Business comes to UK Last year Apple launched a new web service called Maps Connect allowing small business owners to manage their listings…
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AAPL stock approaching ex-div

Yes it's that time again when Apple returns cash to stockholders in the form of a dividend worth $2.8 billion Next week THursday,…
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Guardian reviews new 5K iMac

Just don’t use one, don’t even look at one, unless you can afford it, as once you see it the sheer crispness will…
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IBM and Apple show new mobile solutions

Apple and IBM have just unveiled the first benefits of their joint workings announcing 10 new apps for enterprises that should help to boost…
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iPhone pre ordering brings down sundry websites

iPhone pre ordering is today. However earlier this morning the demand crashed Apple UK, O2 and EE sites as buyers swamped the websites.…
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Apple WWDC Recap

WWDC - All about integration between desktop, mobile and phone. Tim Cook big presentation on June 2nd at the company’s annual conference for…
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