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1dot1 is a fast and private way to browse the internet.
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51 WordPress facts

Throughout the years, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform into a versatile content management system. Today, this open source software tool…
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Square lands in UK to offer credit card processing right behind Stripe

Payments company Square launches in the UK Square Inc, the payments company led by Twitter Inc Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, has just launched…
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google home

Google set to launch Google Home and Google WiFi in the UK next week

Google set to launch Google Home on April 6th priced at £129 Google originally launched its Home speaker and assistant back in November…
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Apple and Google to compete with the Amazon Echo device

Apple is pressing ahead with the development of an Echo-like smart-home device based on the Siri voice assistant, according to a report in…
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GoPro fly in to the Drone market

The camera people GoPro enters drone market and updates Hero video cameras with more features. GoPro has entered the popular drone market with…
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MPs describe Green Deal energy loan program ‘abysmal’

The government's energy efficiency loan scheme had an "abysmal" take-up rate because it had not been tested with consumers, MPs have said. Is…
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New Electric Car Cable e-commerce website delivered

Taybridge Digital Consulting completes new e-commerce Website for leading electric car cable brand - CablesForCharging. The growing interest in Electric and Plug-In Hybrid cars…
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Apple adds new Music Reording App – Music Memos

Apple iPhones users embraced Voice Memos as a simple way to capture any sounds. But it is a simple app. For musicians the…
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Apple iPad Pro

First review of iPad Pro

The new Apple iPad Pro started shipping today - Nov 11th. We have yet to see one but there are a number of…
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