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Four Tips to Improve Startup Cybersecurity

For the average business, the expense of dealing with a successful cyberattack is quite high, running into millions of dollars. For a startup,…
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Protect Yourself From Phishing attacks

Stay safe on line
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Strong Customer Authentication – What you need to know

While we try to leave Europe and the pesky law makers in Brussels, we will soon have to adopt the EC’s Second Payment…
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Ways to Create a Secure Password in 2019

We have writen about the importance of good Password management and ways to create strong passwords and importantly how to record, remember and…
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Cryptomining Plug In Attack Hits Government Websites including ICO

Seems that users of the Browsealoud Plugin were compromised by a Crypto Mining utilitty that was digging for Moneros. Bad. In the past…
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Why Reusing Passwords is a Bad Thing

Establish a Safe Password Policy... We have all ready about the massive data breaches and security scares that impact millions of web users. …
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Beware Android users with Google Play – BankBot found again

Once again the banking malware BankBot has been discovered lurking in Andoid apps in the Google Play shop reports ZD Net. BankBot is…
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How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

Look Out on Windows PCs As you must know by now a nasty form of malicious software known as ransomware has been making…
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Massive Global Ransomware Attack Underway

HNS hit hard As many people know there is a wide-spread and serious global PC hacking attack. The BBC and UK papers report…
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Is your router compromised?

Report shows growing number of website cyber attacks come from hacked home routers WordFence report that in the past month alone they have…
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